Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maria's Reflections on the Big Move

Praise God for approved visas this week and no more major hurdles between the Sealy family and New Zealand! Oh, except for massive amounts of packing and a painfully long journey. Anyway, as we get closer and closer to our departure date, we are stepping up our efforts to prepare Maria for this enormous change in her little life. Her third birthday will be just a few days before we leave, and these are her thoughts, in her own words, about the move. 

Q: Maria, are you excited about going to New Zealand? 
A: Yeah. Yes I am. 

Q: So what about going to New Zealand makes you most excited?
A: I want to bring my dollhouse and pack it up.
(A non-sequitur, and sadly, not an option.)

Q: Is there anything about going to New Zealand that you do not like?
A: No. I like New Zealand. I like it a lot. 

Q: What do you think it will be like there? 
A: I think there will be trains and pools and rivers and dolphins and trains and hippopotamuses. 

Q: What kind of food do you most hope they will have there? 
A: I hope they have Macaroni and Cheese!
(A food she has actually only had a few times and never showed a preference for.....)

Q: What do you think New Zealand will look like?
A: It will look like beautiful. 

Q: What do you think Bernadette will like about New Zealand?
A: I think Bernadette will like that there will be lots and lots of butterflies in New Zealand - she will maybe try to chase them around. Yeah, I think she will. 

Q: And lastly Maria, what do you think is the most important theological truth about Christ's love that the people of New Zealand need to know?
A: (scowls) I don't want to! (very long pause) Tell me. Tell me about the people in New Zealand.

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