Sunday, June 13, 2010

a trip to the grocery store

standing in our driveway looking at the mall

pushing our trolley through the mall

the view of the grocery store entrance

some American brands in disguise

I love it when the weekly special is a great deal on a vacuum cleaner!
(Another shopper laughed at me for taking this photo)

Teeny tiny boxes of laundry detergent (this is as big as they come)

Kiwi checkout candy display

the photo of the egg aisle would not upload, but in NZ
the idea of putting an egg in the fridge (in a store or at home) is quite funny


  1. Kelly,

    I am really enjoying looking at your photos and reading about the New Zealand adventure. You and your family are in my prayers.

    I can still vividly remember meeting you and Rich in the hospital and having a feeling that you were someone I wanted to get to know. Sometimes when I have wanted a day off, and was not able to change my schedule, I have had a strong sense that there was someone I needed to be there for. I know that the Lord directs our days--even to when I am at work.


  2. Kelly, seeing all the pictures from the grocery store reminded me of all the time I spent in Europe. Just wait and see how you'll develop a taste for all those slightly odd things. I still crave HobNobs from England, Apricot Stilton from Germany and blue-cheese stuffed olives from Spain.

    Rice Bubbles, huh? Wonder what strange meaning Krispies has over there. And if you make Rice Krispie treats in NZ, does it become a Rice Bubble treat?

  3. im from newzealand and laundry detergant does come biggre btw WAY BIGGER