Friday, July 23, 2010

Tea with Bishop Dennis

Lighthouse teens with Bishop Dennis (seated, center)

This morning the bishop of our diocese celebrated Mass at St. Thomas More. We were pleased to see so many young faces turn up at 9am on a Saturday morning. Not only did the teens make up a very substantial number of the congregation, but they also sat right in the front. Afterwards, we were excited to host the bishop for another (almost) Sacred Ritual at the parish: morning tea. For about an hour we all enjoyed our first ever tea with a bishop. A quiet, unassuming man, he quickly put us all at ease by asking the youth questions and telling us a bit about what it is like to meet with the Pope! He has been a bishop under both John Paul II and under Benedict XVI, so he was able to share a little of his personal observations about each of these two special men. He blessed us, took some photos with us and left us with a humorous admonition to keep an eye on Fr. Michael, who is "not as young as he used to be."