Tuesday, August 24, 2010

my big lug!

HAPPY 29th  BIRTHDAY RICHARD! In celebration of Rich's last year as a young, carefree, twenty-something, I'd like to share some fun facts about the man who took his future bride on such an adventurous first date that she had to go directly to the Emergency Room. Enjoy!

Richard's First Word: "Desitin"

Country Richard lived in from infancy through toddlerhood: West Africa

Early Signs of An Emerging Personality:  He once ate the wrapper too while sampling some free lasagne at Price Club

Worst Birthday Ever: As a young boy, there was terrible sulking one year over an infamously disappointing "car" birthday cake

Actual Ethnicity: Caucasian (of Italian and Eastern European origin)

Preferred Ethnicity: Black (of Haitian origin, I would guess)

Favorite Food:   Thanksgiving
Runner-Up Favorite Foods: McDonalds. Also, any highly processed form of sugar.

Most Vital Accessories: Ski Hat & iPhone

Obsessed With:   The Pittsburgh Steelers
                            X-Box Gaming
                            (not necessarily in that order)

Music He'd Die if Anyone Knew He Liked:  Taylor Swift

Worst Medical Procedure Richard Has Actually Undergone: Colonoscopy

Medical Procedure Richard Hates Worse Than A Colonoscopy:  Dental Cleanings

Literary Interests:  Tolkien
                              Virtually any Deep and Dry theological tome
                               Steelers Blogs

Quality He Finds Most Attractive in a Woman:  pointy ears - a la Arwen
              (alas, no plastic surgeon will agree to "enhance" mine for me....)

Greatest Virtues as a Papa:   Spending TIME with his girls
                                             Passing on a consuming love for the Lord
                                             Treating their mama with respect & fidelity

Something Richard Thinks He is Very Good at (but actually isn't):  
             speaking Italian

Something Richard Thinks He is Not Very Good at (but actually IS!):    
             youth ministry

Something Richard is GREAT at - and Knows it:    
            making Kelly laugh

Something Richard Realizes That He Stinks at:
           surprises (especially involving presents)
           distinguishing between baby clothes and 
                     toddler clothes
          (if you have ever seen Maria stuffed, sausage-like, into an outfit
           many sizes too small for her, you know what I mean....)