Monday, October 4, 2010

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the term, in his own words.....

Andrew enjoys classic American beverages at the bowling alley

This term I have been able to be more involved in the Youth group, Being able to attend the boys group more (Basketball games are on the same night as boys group.) I have found boys group and youth group great as always. Been challenged in many ways to step it up. Even being made to do a blind folded walk in a pin path listening to the guidance of one person and ignoring the other voices around me. Was a very intresting way to give a good message.
Other things this term The tasting of Twinkies! I had never tasted these before and to be honest they werent all they were made out to be!
Also other American food such as Pop tarts which are heaven. Ive had these before due to my american heritage with my late father being brought up in the Bronx. Its funny to talk to Rich and Kelly about the american stereotypes that are shown in the movies all the time. I am majorly jealous about the truth about the high school basketball scene being a big thing in America. Basketball over here isn't that big with little to no crowds.
This term has also been filled with a lot of fun filled events. With activities like Paintball, Laser Tag, concerts and the wrap up of A few good men for the term. Which finished with a night of playing Xbox and watching Band of Brothers. The Highlight of this overnighter being Beating Rich at Nfl Football [Madden] much to his distress. Beating him with a touch down in the final seconds! All in All its been a very good term and looking forward to what the final term brings.

giving the Lighthouse mascot a little cuddle after paintball

the term, in her own words....

Katrina (center) having some fun on the Lighthouse retreat

To know where to start would be great, Rich and Kelly have already brought so much to us. It’s truly amazing to watch everyone grow closer to God and together. Girl’s Group with Kelly is awesome, learning about different women in the bible is great. As a group we decided to go against the boy’s group in a game of laser tag…inevitably the girls lost. Well, we won the last game which was the team that died the most. Unfortunately I missed the Girl’s Group where they tried the twinkies, everyone had to try them though because they’re nearly on every American Movie and we wanted to know what they were like. Lighthouse this term, we’ve been looking into God the Father. We ended the term with a bang as we went to Rotorua for a weekend retreat, we looked deeply into the Our Father. The retreat included awesome activities, including Get the Flag in the dark. We also, it was a bit naughty, got the large oven trays from the kitchen and went grass sliding down the hill in the paddocks. The kitchen trays are little bit worse for wear now, opps. I’m truly looking forward to what Rich and Kelly have in store for us next term. Thank you to everyone in America for letting them come to NZ and we keep you all in our prayers. 
God Bless, Katrina

Thank you both SO MUCH, Andrew and Katrina! 
Rich & Kelly