Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the blue cross

5 of the Handmaids with their "Blue Cross"
which they crafted from broken glass 
they gathered while cleaning up the smashed church doors.  

They made a gift of their cross to the church. 
I'm so impressed by their ability to seize a negative event
and turn it into something beautiful.
The doors appear to have been smashed by a somewhat desperate 
drug addict hoping to find the Sunday collections.
Fr. Michael led the congregation in a prayer this morning 
for this person's recovery from addiction.
(I do not believe that the person has been caught
although some people have now stepped forward 
who saw the car )


  1. What a wonderful gesture. God bless them!

  2. Wow! Those girls should be very proud of themselves. To have the ability to turn such a negative event into an inspiring one says so much of them.