Friday, February 25, 2011


Glen fastidiously chaperoning youth at the 
Parachute Christian Music Festival last month

Glen. If only there were words to capture the essence of Glen. We're about 4 weeks into our first term with him aboard and what a world of difference he's made! There is a wonderful new life and energy to the ministry. Not only has he recharged the youth program, but the youth ministers as well!  He's a double blessing to us - both a friend and a partner. We'd love to share just a bit of what Glen has added to this ministry.

Glen is a walking example of what it means to know Christ's peace - he never has an uncharitable or critical word to say about anyone, would not even know how to harbor a grudge, speaks carefully and deeply and from the heart. He does not worry or get agitated - even in chaos or in prickly situations. Furthermore Glen authentically loves those that Jesus loved. If you take a walk with Glen, be prepared to stop and have a thirty minute conversation with any lonely, poor, addicted or lost soul that you may encounter along the way. He truly listens to their story, prays with or for them, shares with them from his resources. He connects with young children and our girls both loved him instantly. Even when Glen is not actually smiling, there is joy and peace in his eyes. Glen loves to pray and is forever interrupting conversations with invitation to prayer. It's the only reason for which Glen would ever interrupt, as his soul is one that knows how to be present and be humble.

For all this inspiring holiness, Glen is also wonderfully F-U-N!!!!!!  Before the first Tahu meeting of this term, he asked one of our teen assistants to sneak up behind him and dump a bucket of water over his head randomly while he spoke to the youth. While this gag was carried out, he pretended not to notice.

He organized the performance of a hilarious skit at the local Catholic high school. He, Rich and one of our teen assistants pulled it off during a school assembly to the absolute delight of the students present. We have video footage of the whole thing and once Richard uploads it to YouTube I will post a link on our blog (assuming I can figure out how to do that).

Glen's been a wonderful asset to the Lighthouse boy's group (A Few Good Men). He took the boys on a "Manhood Initiation Hike" a week ago. At the base of the mountain, each boy had to slowly chew up three red chili peppers (and swallow) and then hike the mountain with nothing further to drink or eat and without complaining or showing distaste in any way. At the summit, Glen surprised the boys with their favorite beverages. But first they each had to do a shot.....of vinegar. As a woman, I don't really "get" this, but the boys thought it was possibly the most awesome night of their lives. The following week he had them melting lead over an open fire and pouring it into potatoes with cross molds carved into them. The Lighthouse girls are jealous. Glen is making me look bad.

Glen comes up with fantastic, random and funny games and activities for youth group. Furthermore, he has completely thrown himself into the latest development in our ministry, which is a Young Adult group for those who have aged out of Lighthouse. He and Rich have been happily planning and advertising for this new ministry, which is set to really blast off this coming Tuesday night.
 post-chili pepper hiking