Sunday, October 9, 2011

just trying to be steubenville...

Last week we put a FOP - a Festival of Praise - a praise music extravaganza. When I say that "we" put it on, I mean that I decided it should happen and Richard, Christine and the youth did all the work. Anyone who has ever heard my singing would agree this arrangement was really for the best. And it was pretty epic - the photos give a hint of how amazing it was.

the band

the crowd

the praise

the worship

the cuteness

the aftermath

The evening started out awesome! The band practiced all afternoon, ate pizza and practiced some more. My girls attended most of the practice and were pretty much as wildly over-excited as two little girls can possibly become. Four minutes before the event actually began, I was photographing the band when Maria materialized at my side with blood literally covering her face. She had had a high-speed collision with a handrail and split her lip wide open. More experienced mothers advised me that she was going to need at least one stitch. So.... we missed about half of the long-awaited event. We did not miss the premier screening of the first ever youth group music video, directed and produced by Christine Sealy.  Here it is:  

one week later, no major scar