Thursday, December 15, 2011

christine's link & some critters

Although I'd infinitely prefer to keep little Christine locked up safe in my living room
for the next five months, it's nearly time to send her forth
 to Australia's deadly snakes and lethal spiders.
Since much of my readership knows Christine and/or is actually her blood relation, 
she'd like to invite everyone to take a peek at her brand-new website. 

Please pray for Christine. 
By the time her NET mission period is through, she'll have been away from all that is "home" for almost as long as Richard and I have. Unlike us, she'll be rooming with five strangers and will be thrown into the complete unknown. When Rich and I set out, we had each other - and we had Fr. Michael to answer our detailed questions before we got here and to care for us when we arrived. Christine won't even know where she'll be placed until she completes her six week training in Aussie. She could be stationed anywhere in Australia - a country roughly as large as the Continental US.  She has to pack without the faintest clue about the climate in which she'll live. Furthermore (and this would most certainly be the deal-breaker for me!) she'll be living in country that boasts the most abundant and diverse deadly creatures in the world.
 I'm not sure that there are even ticks in New Zealand.
 The worst pests here are possums. Seriously.

Okay, okay, I know, he's kind of cute. But sometimes they can be a little scary. For example, the wee fellow below is doing his best to show the intimidating side of possums.

Christine could have stayed in this tranquil possum-infested haven. Or she could have returned to Pittsburgh's deer ticks and armed drug dealers.
But, for love of Jesus, she's braving all those terrifying Australian critters. God bless her.

All joking aside, please pray that Christine would be given great strength to endure enormous change, huge challenges, certain loneliness, much uncertainty, intense personality clashes, aching homesickness, overwhelming stress, scarce privacy and a jam-packed schedule of very hard work for the sake of the Gospel.
AND please pray that her guardian angel would stay EXTREMELY vigilant against
scorpions, snakes, sharks and
  enormous, gigantic, hairy, beady-eyed, poisonous

christine's website:
(at which no one will be subjected to any more spider photos)


  1. That possum is seriously adorable. (Karen)

  2. Christine: Much love comes your way as you start the next adventure in your life. The youth you'll be working with are blessed to have you in their lives.