Sunday, May 27, 2012

matching set

This morning we were very happy to learn 
that we are the parents of two American girls 
and two Kiwi boys. 

At least Richard and I were very happy to learn this. 
Maria burst into tears right there in the sonographer's office 
and begged the tech to check and see if maybe there was 
another baby in there who was a girl baby.

Alas. There was just the one. 

A little (pre-lunch) celebratory trip to the ice cream store
 soon put a smile back on Maria's face.
Richard didn't need any ice cream - 
what he will need is something to wipe the
 off his face. 
I think the plane trip on Wednesday should do just the trick. 


  1. Awesome! Another boy. Congrats! On a side note, initially Ashley says "Rich is having twin boys!" I said - "Nice!"


    PS. Ashley and I think you'll have to keep this blog up even after "missiontonewzealand" is over.

    1. ooh - whoops! didn't even think of how confusing that could be! We are definitely only waiting on one unborn child at present. (But I would love it if Rich would "have" that one baby, he wouldn't even have to have twins! )