Tuesday, May 10, 2011

two prayer requests

photo credits to Jason and Christine Sealy, 
visiting at present from PA along with Grandma & Grandpa!

On Sunday Joseph was Baptized, Hospitalized and given the Anointing of the Sick. After 12 attempts to insert an IV catheter, the insertion of a feeding tube, blood work, urinalysis, ultrasounds, an EKG, a chest x-ray and two nights in the hospital, we finally had a diagnosis. He seems to have developed a urinary tract infection with vomiting, which ended in bad dehydration and lethargy. On top of that, the infection aggravated the on-and-off jaundice he's had since birth. He was discharged yesterday but needs blood drawn weekly for the next 6 weeks and will be on antibiotics for the next 3 months until he can be tested for urinary reflux. His jaundice is ongoing and he'll be subjected to more tests on Friday. To say that there is some "stress" at present is an understatement. We ask prayers that he continue to gain health and strength and that the doctors can understand and treat his jaundice without too much further distress on his part.

On a different but related note, I've begun asking the Lord to send some godly women to draw alongside me in this mission. We have a fantastic array of men involved with the youth groups: Fr. Michael, Rich, Glen, Chris - and others who help out in various ways as needed. We're so richly blessed in this way as it's often so hard to get good men (or any men!) involved in parish ministry. The boys are having a blast and the men are enjoying the fellowship immensely. However the girls involved in both groups have expressed a desire for a more "feminine" touch. The MANLY TEAM is doing a fantastic job, but I'm sure all the female readers will understand why the girls are craving a little more that caters to the feminine soul.

Even if I did not have 3 children to attend to, I'd still be hoping to have at least one other woman involved in our work here. But I do have 3 children to attend to. Joseph's birth has thrown the house into some temporary chaos and I'm not sure how to fit in even the very limited direct ministry that I was doing before his birth. It will be months before the newborn upheaval settles. This week I had two days in the hospital with him to reflect and take stock on how things are going and I realized that the fact that I did not really "process" his early symptoms before they became quite severe is an indication of something. I need help. Over the past months, every woman we've approached about helping out with youth ministry has either not been at all interested or has been quite busy with her own young children. So I'm asking for others to join me in praying that the Lord would send a young, reliable, fun and holy woman (or two!) to labor on the girly side of the vineyard. Ideally these would be Kiwi girls, but missionaries from America or any other country would be welcome with open arms. Also, I've kind of let the Lord know that this prayer is marked "urgent". I know His timing is always perfect, but I'm still just letting Him know that I'd really love to have someone in the next couple of weeks.  He has provided so perfectly for every true need that we have faced in this mission that I have complete confidence that this prayer will be answered and in a timely fashion!


  1. Oh Kelly, I'm praying for you & your little man. I can only imagine how stressful & worrying things must be right now. I'm praying for Joseph's healing, extra help at church, & rest for you & Rich.
    Love & prayers,

  2. Prayers are being lifted up for you Kelly! We are going to offer a Chaplet for little Joseph. Love to you all, Phil and Steph

  3. Baby Joseph & all of you are in our prayers to the Holy Family and St. Padre Pio for our Lord's healing touch. "Pray, hope & don't worry" -- easier said than done, but I know you know our Lord is with you and Joseph in every way. We will pray for that holy, feminine help you need. Love you!

  4. Prayers for your family!

    Is there a way that women can apply for this position or a way we can help spread the news of your need?

  5. well, in the States what would be most helpful would be prayer since the fundraising and visa process would take months (and I am not at all in a position to be inviting missionaries to be hosted by the parish here!) I was mostly thinking of local girls/young women stepping up as volunteer helpers. thank you so much though for your supportiveness!