Saturday, April 30, 2011

nowhere man

One common point of interest these days for friends in both America and New Zealand concerns Joseph's citizenship. Is Joseph a New Zealand citizen? Does he have dual citizenship? Will we try to attain dual citizenship for him? (etc.... )No. no. and no (etc....) Oh, so he's just an American citizen?

Since 2006, babies born in New Zealand to non-Kiwi parents are not automatically granted NZ citizenship. It would actually be easier for Richard to attain residence or dual citizenship than it would be for Joseph to do so at this stage in his life. But right now the little man has no official status or papers at all. I've finished filling out his applications for an American passport, a Social Security Card and the equivalent of a birth certificate. We'll have to drive to Auckland (3 hours away) and present the applications and applicant in person before these documents will be issued. In other words, Joseph is not an American until he appears in the flesh at the American embassy. We can't make that trip until his New Zealand birth certificate arrives in the mail. Five weeks have not witnessed that event. So at present, he's an "international free agent". His feelings on this matter are clear in the photos below.



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  1. I am laughing at the wonderful photos of shocked, confused, and angry Joseph.
    We had 13 moms at Storkbites today!!
    May God bless you and your family.