Friday, June 15, 2012

another week closer to normal

the squirrel who used to eat all our birdseed
has not budged an inch in two years

I'm not caught up on email yet. I've only made two non-essential phone calls so far. But otherwise, I really thought that we had more or less come to a place of some sort of stability and calm. But then on Monday we completely forgot about Joseph's doctor appointment and on Tuesday we actually missed our plane as we set out to Richard's most important interview. Those of you who know me will know that I do not miss doctor appointments or airplanes. Ever. So - perhaps - we are still a lot more inside-out and upside-down than we realize. I'm starting to feel that the excuse is wearing thin though.

The airplane thing was really something straight out of a movie (and not the boring kind of movie where everything works out awesome for the hero). After a series of hiccups and tangles that delivered us to Pittsburgh International Airport only an hour prior to takeoff, we got stuck in endless lines both for check-in and security. We cleared security only twenty minutes before takeoff and sprinted to our gate. I've not done much sprinting in maternity jeans during any of my previous pregnancies and I don't recommend it. Those pants just did not want to run as fast as I did. So Rich galloped ahead, lugging all four bags while I tried my darndest to keep up. I had Joseph in the Ergo on my back and the diaper bag bouncing wildly over my shoulder (the girls were staying with their grandparents). I'm pregnant enough to be a little short of breath while just rocking calmly on my porch swing - this sprinting business left me gasping for air and clutching frantically to my falling-down jeans, which were being shoved off by the ergonomically-designed waist panel of my back-pack style baby carrier. Joseph - who had been sleeping- was bobbing and crashing manically in the carrier and about every four strides I had to create a free hand to firmly yank my sliding elastic waistband back up as high as possible. "Jesus, I trust in You!" I was frantically praying. We arrived at the gate juuuuuuuuust in time to see that airplane backing slowly away from us.

Thy will be done.

I think Richard may have said something like, "Rats!" I couldn't hear him that well over the wheezing gasps of my own breath and the blood throbbing in my head and the nononononononononoNO! screaming in my soul. I did noticed that my ever-calm husband was covered in sweat and looked like he might be sick in a moment. Joseph starting laughing and kicking, wanting his "pony" to return to that crazy-fun gallop. Neither parent spoke - to him or to each other - for quite some time. And the pony  wouldn't try even just a trot - not even hours later.

We did board a later flight - and had a wonderful trip. But the first thing we saw upon arrival at our final destination was this - 

Kiwis, I do apologize!
(I walked around this airport globe three times looking for you -
but it appears that you might no longer exist.)

We're waiting now on a final decision and have a lot of praying to do. Richard's keeping busy with some projects around the house. I'm blissfully engaged in repainting old furniture (a beloved hobby I have not indulged in two years) and the kids are enjoying having their very own grass in which to get bitten by their very own ticks (Joseph, today). Maria is struggling very much with the prospect of another move, and if there was only one thing I would ask prayers for, it would be for her peace of heart.

power-blasting the back porch

one coat of primer on the kid's drawing table -
I'm thinking about going for "robin's egg" 

picnics in our front yard

finally got the kitchen (the last frontier) organized!

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  1. Poor little New Zealand! We are don't exist to the rest of the world.
    Glad your trip when well in the end!!!!!
    Prayers. Always.