Tuesday, June 26, 2012

house guests

Today Richard and I practically hosted a New Zealand reunion! Danielle and Krista (two of our missionary forerunners) spent the afternoon visiting, reminiscing about New Zealand, catching up and watching Fr. Michael's farewell video. We were having so much fun that they were three hours late for their next appointment. They both loved the miniature Kiwi accents from Maria and Bernadette (I hadn't even known that Bernadette had acquired an accent; I thought she just spoke in Baby Chipmunk). It was a really special afternoon and it was only after they left that I realized that I had actually never "met" Krista prior to today. (Her face is so familiar - and I heard SO MUCH about her from the girls' group for two whole years.....) One thing we all agreed on emphatically - you are very special people and we all miss you - and your beaches - very much. Hopefully next time we have a New Zealand reunion, some authentic Kiwis can be present as well!

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  1. JEALOUS! Next reunion can be when we come over to go to FUS :)
    Missing the Sealy family like crazy!
    Lots of love,