Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pine sunday

in my palm, one of the "palms" 
distributed for Palm Sunday Mass this week -
trying to wave it about only produced
a waft of Christmas scent

I could have plucked one of the palm fronds
off of this tree in our courtyard.....

except it had been loaded onto Glen's truck
on Friday and driven to the SetFree conference
as a symbol of the weekend's theme -
"rooted in Christ"

it came home Sunday night looking a bit shattered
(compare the geraniums at the base before and after, 
note also that 2 of the 4 main branches are now gone)
The youth who attended the conference
fared much better than the tree...

We have asked a few youth participants to "guest blog" for us and share their experience of the SetFree weekend. By all accounts the conference was a smashing success for Jesus.
 Hopefully more details to follow soon! 

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