Friday, April 22, 2011

solemn and silly

Good Friday
parishioners approach the crucifix to venerate the Cross
following Fr. Michael's homily inviting all present to courageously 
embrace our own crosses & our call to be a Simon of Cyrene

Holy Saturday
Kiwis do not traditionally dye eggs
so we used a "homemade" dye
with food coloring for the first time.
also the first time dying brown eggs since I could't buy white ones.
I love how rich and intense the colors came out!

everyone loving the eggs!


  1. Love this :) God bless you and your family! I can't get over how much he looks like you, Kelly! Katie

  2. SO happy Set Free was so successful and clearly FULL of GRACE! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY dear Kelly! You are a mom taking up her cross (and loving our Lord) to boot!

    LOVE the brown eggs' rich color too. Give baby Joseph, Maria, Bernadette & Rich all our love this Easter season. Let's talk soon.

    Happy early birthday to Maria!