Monday, June 20, 2011

the boys (nearly) wept

The Lighthouse girls painted a lovely wall mural. The Lighthouse boys added their own (unwelcome) additions. This weekend the girls drank deeply from the chalice of revenge. It took over two hours on Saturday morning to reclaim the wall, but it was worth it. Since I couldn't be there to witness the boys' reaction on Sunday night, the girls promised to text me. At 8pm I got the following triumphant text: "The boys' reaction was AMAZING!!!!! There were heads in hands and cries of defeat! haha! It was so cool - their faces were hilarious!" 

The bunny-hunting tank was the first thing to go.
 It was transformed into a stylish topper for a fairy-tale carriage.

Then the rabbit's second nemesis was "re-purposed"
 from hardy archer to whimsical cupid. 

The shark and the troll morphed into long-locked mermaids.
 The reindeer who HAD BEEN intended for the shark's supper 
received pegasus-like wings and pink eyelashes.
 She was then harnessed to the pumpkin carriage. 

 The edgy design on the sun benefitted from a cutesy makeover
 with the simply addition of a few curly Qs. 

The dragon perhaps suffered the worst fate of all. 
He became "she" -
 bedecked with bows, hearts, polka dots and lush eyelashes
 and set in the company of a fairy princess.

Unicorns, rainbows and pink snow (hey, why not?) added insult to injury.

For good measure: ballerinas, butterflies and oodles of flowers.
The finished product left no girly stereotype unturned. 

(To view the boys' original work, click on May in the 
Archives and then on the post entitled
Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails)

According to Richard, the boys were stunned and aghast, but couldn't help but find it hilarious. Each mourned the alterations imposed on his own little creation - then as a body they vowed to avenge the prank. 
The fun continues.

(Although he didn't capture the boys' first moments taking in the damage, 
Rich did manage to get some of their reaction on video. 
Warning: if you are prone to sea-sickness, do not watch this clip!)

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  1. That was sooo satisfying ... we need to start thing up a retaliation