Saturday, July 16, 2011

bops and mops

One year ago this month, I posted a photo of Maria running the vaccuum and joked that I would have Bernadette (who calls herself "Boppy") learning to mop next. Today that prophesy is fulfilled. 

Even I can't mop with one hand! She actually did a decent job, although she couldn't wring the mophead and left three inches of water on the kitchen floor when done. Maria was crazy jealous and insisted on mopping the bathrooms. Sometimes sibling rivalry can be turned to a parent's advantage.....

I'm not sure that this is really "blog material" except that so many people in NZ and America have joined me in my prayers for more female assistants in this mission. And in less than a month, I get Christine to help with ministry and two housemaids to help me keep up with the domestic end of things! I wonder what I should pray for next? Maybe Joseph could learn to cook or fold laundry.

yeah, that's funny!