Friday, July 1, 2011

mini march for life

This morning we saw a dream fulfilled!
As part of our "evangelization term", we invited the youth to join us
 in public, peaceful, contemplative prayer for unborn babies... 
we were surprised & delighted to have so many adults participate as well. 
Because this kind of public demonstration is so uncommon in New Zealand, 
we expected no more than 10 people to attend -
 instead we had more than triple that number.

Right after morning Mass we stood on church property near a busy road with a few gentle posters
 praying, singing hymns and enjoying good fellowship.
 After praying a Rosary we walked up to a major intersection 
and stood there for another 45 minutes or so.
We offered prayers for better laws protecting the unborn, 
for mercy & peace for those who are haunted by involvement in an abortion,
and for courage in any girl currently feeling pressure to 
end the life of her child.
It was encouraging to have many, many cars honk in support of the cause
and we intend to regularly repeat this vigil on the first Saturday of each month; 
hopefully each month our numbers expand.  
There are about 18,000 medical abortions annually in New Zealand
but abortion, like most other controversial or sensitive issues, is a true taboo here.
We were elated to see so many of the youth willing to do something culturally radical 
to stand up for unborn children and their mothers. 

some of the youth who attended 
(they worked up an appetite during the pro-life event
and an impromptu McDonald's lunch followed)


  1. Grandma and GrandpaJuly 2, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    God works many miracles. What a great group of people!